Grants for grassroot queer and feminist initiatives

Thanks to the support of the LGBTQ Lobby initiative, the Stop Bzdurom collective donated 200 000 PLN to “Fundusz dla Odmiany”. The above funds will be used to support grassroot activism in the form of a grant project "Działaj dla odmiany", the applications for which will be open around mid-January.

around mid-January. The money will also support already existing initiatives - mainly in form of aid to the community of economically disadvantaged Polish trans people. Tens of thousands of PLN went to the "Holidays without Dysphoria" campaign, the Milo Mazurkiewicz Solidarity Fund (link) and to the Grupa Nieustającej Pomocy (Our Group of Perpetual Help) collective (link).

The rest of funds went to the groups that constituted our activist base - the Regeneracja Foundation for Burned Out Activists, the Szpila collective for activists affected by police repression and to Fundusz dla Odmiany in their legal projects.

We also decided to donate a symbolical amount of funds to show our support for the Sex Work Poland initiative (link) and for a few smaller LGBTQ groups that had urgent needs regarding participation in pro-abortion demonstrations.